A few words from our February cover girl: Celina McMillian


     Love is in the air, in this moment, you can be on ‘Cloud Nine” with bae or things could be the total opposite. Picture yourself sitting on your bed with an open bottle of pills in your hand, sobbing and just wanting everything to end. Or crying your eyes out in front of “the other woman”, while she laughs in your face about the pain she’s caused you. Or loving others more than you have EVER loved yourself. Or even taking someone back, NUMEROUS times, NOT because they deserve another chance, but in the name of LOVE. Oh what it is to be “CRAZY IN LOVE.” *cues Beyonce* Now you may have read the above scenarios and said, “Girllll, that is NOT love”, well to some of people it is until we realize differently. Experience is one of the greatest teachers! It is easy to say what we would never do or deal with, until we are in the actual situation. As a female in my twenties, I have many stories about how love and the lack of it has molded me into the woman that I am today. Despite what people say, EVERYBODY wants to feel and be loved by somebody. However, in the process of loving others, we must remember to love ourselves. Self-love is truly the best, because love should always start with YOU. Learning to love yourself is key if you’ll ever allow someone to properly love you back. Otherwise, you will continue to be lost while seeking the relationships of others, doing whatever it takes for attention, and settle with having anybody just to say that you have somebody.
     Although I have experienced some jagged ‘run-ins’ with love, it has also had its benefits. Thelove for our future and the heartbreaks that I have experienced, have assisted with leading me to my purpose. By acknowledging the fact that I was not the only Queen who has experienced heartbreak and disappointment from others, I decided in that moment that I wanted to inspire young queens everywhere not to give up on love or themselves. I am now the CEO and Founder of a non-profit called “R.O.Q. (Raising Our Queens), Inc.” R.O.Q.’s mission is establishing a community of support to empower, rebuild, mentor, and give hope to young ladies, by guiding them through life’s challenges. Together we can raise queens who will realize their potential, while watching them grow into the women they are destined to be. Being that I motivate and inspire our youth doesn’t make me perfect, nor does it mean that I have it all together. It just means that I see the need and I am willing to sacrifice to ensure that necessary changes occur. Truth is, my mentees and the people I come in contact with on a daily basis inspire me immensely. It is the people that keep me going when I want to give up; the people who seem to know just what to say and when to say it; the little girl who everyone has given up on, so she has begun to give up on herself that are constant reminders that my gifts are essential. The testimonies and impact that I have made thus far allow me to see that I MATTER and I AM ENOUGH! Enough even when others don’t seem to realize, enough when things may
not being going as expected, and enough to not accept anything less than love from ANYONE. I have FINALLY learned to “live the life I love and love the life I live,” with no regrets only lessons learned. So while love is in the air, in this moment remember Queen, YOU ARE worth it, and you’re up next!

Learn more about Celina and her organization by reading her in depth interview in our February issue.

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