Forever 21 Sued Over Copycat of Rihanna Shoe Designs

Forever 21 is and has been a popular retailer for its affordable and accessible version of high end designs through the years, but Puma is not going to let it slide this time. In fact, Puma filed a lawsuit against Forever 21 accusing the company of selling copyright versions of shoes from Rihanna’s “Fenty” label. It’s said that Forever 21 already copied three pairs of Puma and Rihanna’s deign: the Creeper, the Bow Slide, and the Fur Slide

rihanna slide
Rihanna has been Puma’s Women’s Creative Director and brand ambassador since 2014.
According to the lawsuits, Puma hopes to win to receive back the profit that Forever 21 has made from the sale of the three designs as well as damages, in terms of revenue lost from customers who would have otherwise purchased from the Puma brand, and any additional fees agreed by the court.

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