Erica’s Table of 20

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Atlanta publicist and author Erica Dias hosted her 23rd Table of 20 event on Sunday April 30th at Bloomingdales. This event has become one of the most sought after, exclusive events that everyone wants to receive a “Golden Ticket” to. Fashion designer and Humanitarian Antonio Brown and Hairstylist to the stars Jess Mayeux were honored and shared their stories of struggle to triumph.

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Guests got to mingle and network with each other while eating and talking about their brands. Among the guests were bloggers, editors, and CEO’s.

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The table setting was decorated by Johnnie Winston, CEO of Exclusive Designs LLC, while the food was catered by Chef “Southern Temp”. The guests got to dine on small finger foods such as Sauteed Shrimp and Avocado bites, shredded chicken and slaw tacos, and lamb burgers. The event was sponsored by “Beauty water H2O”, which is a women run water company whose proceeds go to Haiti. 

Erica’s Table of 20 will be coming to a city near you! Erica just announced that the event will now be available to entrepreneurs in Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California!

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