Charles Brown: A Man With A Vision

Charles Brown

Purpose, responsibility, and honesty are all values honored by motivational speaker Charles A. Brown. Attending Wilmington College of Ohio, Brown was talented in education and athletics. Brown’s purpose strives off of enlightening others and helping them build their future and achieve their dreamsWhich lead him to follow his dream as a motivational speaker for high school, college and professional athletes. 

Brown later started his own motivational speaking platform in 2013 called “No Quotes.” No Quotes is a social movement, which promotes substantive character. This movement supports purpose and responsibility achieved through growth that is fertile for both the mind and spirit and maturity. 

Brown has successfully expanded his brand in his community of Knoxville, Tennessee. There, he has had many speaking engagements in his community and most recently spoke at Pellisippi St. Community College in Tennessee. Not only has Brown established his platform for his brand “No Quotes” he has continued his work in criminal justice with an extensive list of cases and private investigations.

With Brown’s extensive resume, hard work, dedication and passion to help others follow their dreams, Brown is a great role model for young professionals.

 By having this platform Brown would be able to reach many more black men and professionals. Brown is a great representative for young males all over the country. In the words of Charles A. Brown, talent is better shown than told. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

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