Miss Black Texas Wrongfully Arrested

miss black texas

A road rage incident that resulted in Carmen Ponder, a former Miss Black Texas, being arrested has caused an uproar in the community for justice. Ponder, a 23-year-old pre-law student , shared on Twitter that she was driving when she was cut off by a black truck. She thought the driver was drunk, so she drove around them and entered the Walmart parking lot. Ponder says the man in the truck followed her and started cursing at her. Carmen stated, the man told her that he was teaching his son how to drive and Ponder shouldn’t have driven around them.  That’s when she heard him yell, “Oh whatever, you Black b*tch!”

When Ponder exited the Walmart store she was approached by another off duty officer who showed his badge. He allegedly revealed that the man she got into an altercation with was his chief. He asked Ponder to apologize, but she refused and walked back to her car. The cop then grabbed her and told her she was being detained and the police were on their way.

When the police arrived, the man who grabbed her said she was resisting arrest and told the officers to arrest her. She was arrested and detained for 24 hours. Carmen was later released and still faced a charge for evading arrest.

Now, she’s calling for the City of Commerce to fire the police chief . The city manager of Commerce stated that officer Crews has been placed on leave during the investigation into the matter. 

We hope that this wont be a matter that is pushed under the rug like most other cases that involved other black youth. Check her for more updates.


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