BeautyCon Atlanta Petition

beautycon 2Every year thousands of makeup lovers travel to the big cities of Los Angeles, California and New York to get their hands on the latest makeup brands, meet their favorite Youtube beauty gurus, and attend master classes! However, many Georgia residents feel like it is time for the makeup festival to make its way down south.

One resident stated “I really want to go to Beautycon. I have been wanting to go for like the past 3 or 4 years, but my mom won’t let me go unless its closer to home.” Many have signed a petition to get the attention of the company. There are currently 79 signatures out of the needed 1,000 on

Economically speaking, it would be beneficial to the city. With the success of the annual Bronner Brothers hair shows, BeautyCon would only benefit the city of Atlanta and attract more beauty lovers to the area. If you would like to sign the petition click the link below!


  1. I agree that BeautyCon should come to Atlanta. There are just as many celebrities in Atlanta as there are in California or New York. Of the ones who live in those two states, they always have a home located in Atlanta too. So why not bring it to Atlanta!

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