20 Things You’ll Learn In Your 20s!

20. Life is so much more than you thought. Things aren’t always as simple as they may have seemed, and it’s easier to walk the walk than to talk the talk.
The whole notion of, “I will be married by 20-something,” or, “I will live in this
or that city,” or, “This is how and where I am going to live, or expect to be payed,
or this is the type of house I am going to buy, etc.,” is WAY more work than you
thought. Many of us fail to realize that the beginning of every chapter is simply a
bliss, but what follows comes with great responsibilities. Do what you say you
want to do. Don’t wait for it!
19. You will learn to live life one day at a time
When we were teenagers, we sat back wishing to be 100% independent: living in
our own homes, no rules, no mom and dad, having weekend parties while hanging
out with our friends until 6 am, right? Well, once you hit adulthood, you look
back wishing you were still young living without concerns and responsibilities.
18. Partying is no longer the only way to have fun
Yes, it’s okay to have fun occasionally, but the “adulting” life is far more
important than showing up at work every Monday morning with the craziest
hangover. Did you think the struggle is real? Well, adulting is the REALEST
struggle, my friend!
17. Life is no longer about the looks! Your well-being matters the most!
Remember how people judged you if they didn’t catch you wearing the latest
version of those Nike or Jordan kicks? Or, how they would shame you for not
rocking the latest trend? Honey, trends come and go! What was good yesterday is
old news today. Who cares what you look like? If you have your health, you keep
up with life.
16. Take care of yourself
Your older self will thank you tomorrow for what you do today. It’s easy to get
caught up with the stresses of life, but taking time to relax at the end of the day is
the best thing to go for. Just pamper yourself, read a book, take a nap, have a
girls-night-out, or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix all weekend. Oh,
and don’t forget to get you annual check-ups! Those are very important as well.
15. Eat healthy and exercise!

We’ve all heard it, right? It was fun to snack on those $1 Cheetos chips and Coca-
Cola from the school’s vending machine. And gaining too much weight didn’t
seem like a problem, however once you get older, it starts catching up to you. It’s
okay to indulge yourself now and then, but incorporating healthier meals in your
diet is the best way to go. Exercising is great too!
14. Drink more water
As previously mentioned, for many of us drinking sodas from the school’s
vending machine wasn’t an issue at all back in the day, but drinking water goes a
long way. Water has so many benefits in connection from the skin to the bones.
13. Sleep becomes a major priority
Staying up late didn’t bother ANYBODY! Especially when some of us thought of
being slick enough to sneak out of the house at some point during the night. Well,
believe it or not, going to bed as early as 9 pm, or getting at least 8 hours of sleep
each night becomes the most exciting thing EVER!!!!
12. You learn to become more appreciative for the simplest things
Getting attention for the wrong things becomes a thing of the past. Once you’re
older, you come to the realization that being able to open your eyes at the dawn of
another day is the greatest blessing ever. Even a random phone call from a loved
one, or a hug from a friend, a smile, or a thank you from a stranger make you feel
11. Life = Serendipity
The beauty of life is life itself. Beauty is within every life. Life, in fact, is what
you make it. Material goods are great to have, but they’re not everything. After
all, some people have less, and they’re happy with it.
10. Being and feeling grateful becomes routine
There are lot of things that we take for granted. Many times, we complain about
what we don’t have, and what we wished to have. It gets to a point in our lives,
however, where we start accepting the now for what it is because it is what it is
9. People’s opinion don’t matter anymore
At the end of the day, you do whatever is best for you to make sure you’re on
track. Life is not about making others decide what your path should be, or how
you should be or look like, but rather how you manage to keep yourself happy as
you go. Remember, people want you to be well, but not better than them.
8. You come to the realization that just as life changes, so do people
Today is not the same as yesterday, and yesterday won’t be the same as tomorrow.
You’re not the same as when you were at 16. You won’t be thinking the same way
in 10 years either. The coolest kids back in grade school aren’t probably so cool
anymore. And the ugly duckling, (the one that couldn’t sit with the “cool kids”),
grew up to be a beautiful swan. Hey, c’est la vie!
7. You learn to embrace your mistakes and turn them into life lessons
Change is ordinary. Growth is optional. Owning up to your mistakes is a sign of
maturity, and once you realize that making the same mistakes twice is not the
case, then you start becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. There
is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but it would be wrong to let your
mistakes define you.
6. With that said, wisdom shapes you to become the individual you are
Once you begin to walk onto the path of growth, life will keep on throwing good
knowledge your way. You’ll go through the toughest times, and the best times,
however it is all part of the cycle of life.
5. You learn to not to be afraid to take risks and fight your fears
Life is almost like a business affair. If you don’t take risks, you won’t go far. We
learn how to step out of our comfort zone to get to the next step in life. It’s easier
said than done, but it’s part of the process of growth.
4. You look at life from a total different perspective
As you get older, you learn how to sympathize and empathize for others. You
learn how to put yourself in someone’s shoes just to have an idea of what others
are going through. Life is mainly about perspective, and the way we choose to
live all depends on us.
3. You most likely happen to have friends of all ages
Yes! At this point you befriend people of all age categories. You have both the
younger and the older generations to share opinions, ideas, perspectives, and life
matters with.
2. Things in life come and go, and so do people/friends
Don’t get stuck with same ways, and don’t expect that the same people will stick
around. Things are good for a season, and people and situation cross our path just
to test us, and to teach us something.
1. Stay true to yourself ALWAYS!
We’re all unique in our ways, and there wouldn’t be any reason to change just to
satisfy somebody else. YOU can only do what’s best for yourself, and if you feel
like you need to change something about yourself for the better, then go on and do
you boo!

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