Black Lives Matter?

Actress Halle Berry expressed her tiredness on how of all talk and no action when it comes to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Berry was interviewed by the founder of the Girls’ Lounge at Cannes Lions, Shelley Zalis, when she shared her thoughts. “In my world, I get so tired of people complaining about, ‘Oh black lives matter,’ and they pontificate and pontificate about it, and I say, ‘Well, what are you doing about that? It may not seem significant to your local politicians, but that’s how we start. Have
you called your local politicians, have you written a letter,” she said.
“When they say they’ve done nothing, I say, “Well, don’t talk to me … because you are part of the problem, because you are sitting here spewing negativity and complaining,” she continues. Berry considers actions over words as she said, “I don’t have time for people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.”

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