Venus Williams Breaks Her Silence After Fatal Car Crash

Thirty-seven year old tennis star Venus William broke down during a press conference in Wimbledon after being asked about a car crash that she was involved in which claimed the life of 78-year-old Jerome Barson last month.
“I’m completely speechless,” said the 5-time Wimbledon winner.
“Before we take any further questions, please be aware she’s unable to say anything more about this,” a man speaking for Williams interjected after her emotional pause. “So we’d ask you to respect her wishes please.”
Williams left the press conference in tears later on.
According to a police report, Williams was T-boned at an intersection by Barson’s wife.
The 78-year-old man spent a couple weeks at the hospital due to a head trauma, but didn’t survive. His wife suffered broken bones.
CBS News reports that an attorney representing Barson has filed a lawsuit against Williams, after the Palm Beach Gardens police released a report suggesting that Williams was at fault for the accident.

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