Beyonce’ Highest Paid Musical Artist of 2016

To some, it may not be such a surprise but Beyonce’ made the Billboard’s list for being the  highest-earning musical artist of 2016 according to Billboard’s annual report. The 35-year-old ‘Formation’ singer racked up a total of $62.1 million, with the majority of it coming from the Formation tour dates.
It is simultaneously kind of shocking that she made so much, knowing that her income ranges between $4.3 million and $1.9 million in sales and streaming. Well, this is how the music industry business rolls at times. Other artists made the list following Queen Bey. Guns N’ Roses, with $42.3 million came in at #2, and then Bruce Springsteen falls at #3 with $42.2 million. FYI, Drake and Adele made the list as #4 and #5, with Drake’s income being $37.3 million, and the British songstress with $37 million.
Kudos to Beyonce’!
To know more about the Billboard’s annual report list, click here.

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