Beyonce’ & Jay-Z Rent a $400,000-Per-Month Malibu Mansion

What a fantastic way to spend the summer, huh? Beyonce’ and Jay-Z will settle down for a while in a quaint home for some R&R according to sources. The new parents of three will be staying in a $400,000-per-month Malibu Mansion also known as “La Villa Contenta.” The property sits on a 1.62 acre with a hefty $25 million price tag. Let’s take a look.
download (35)
This home is like an Italian Villa. How delightful!
download (36)
Grand Entrance. Very royal looking.
download (37)
       Who you know got an ocean view from their living room? I’ll wait! Lol.
download (38)
We can already imagine the Carter Family gathered up in this beautiful living room.
download (39)
This looks like the ceiling of a European cathedral. Very glam!
download (40)
Reflection Room
download (41)
Nice kitchen by the way! But first, admire the view.
download (42)Movie theater.
download (43)
      Drunk in love for the Mr. and the Mrs.
download (44)
      This pool room has a super royal feel. Seems fun too! My oh my! How lucky!
download (45)
Let’s just say, this villa is just a perfect place to be for the young family. We wish the Carters nothing but the best.

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