Dai Moda partners with sudiSTYLE to Present the “Greenlight Project” Fall/ Winter 2017 Fashion Presentation

Dai Moda
Dai Moda, eco-designed clothing collections produced according to fair-trade principles, presents the “Greenlight Project” . The “Greenlight Project” fashion presentation by Dai Moda in conjunction with celebrity stylist, Sudi Spence of sudiSTYLE will display a stylish new Fall collections made with certified organic cotton, bamboo and natural fibers using exclusively eco-friendly dyes. Dai Moda and sudiSTYLE will present these collections in a sensory explosion bursting with ideas, energy, charm, and relevance galore. The presentation will highlight Dai Moda’s signature women’s line (available in Nordstrom and high-end retailers) and will introduce the launch of Dai Moda men’s division. The night will feature Bravo TV personality, Africa Miranda, music spun by Celebrity DJ Toni K and a surprise celebrity guest on Saturday, September 30th at Trees Atlanta at 7:30pm. Tickets are now available with proceeds being donated to Wellspring Living.
Free Spirit and breathability are the dominant theme in Dai Moda’s Fall / Winter 2017 Ready-To-Wear collections. Sewn in vibrant fabrics, it is nevertheless structured by clean lines, this boundary-busting, pansexual, ironic-yet-earnest, thoroughly urban collection will seamlessly blur the lines of comfort and style. Beyond the norm of organic cotton, Dai Moda’s collections features fabrics made from milk, corn, bamboo and soybeans. Dai Moda pledges to design products that combine innovation, elegance and quality with respect to human rights.
The all-new Dai Moda Men’s collection is for today’s modern man with high quality core basics like polos, v neck tee and crew tees; as well as more fashion forward pieces to mix and match that transitions from day to evening.
Dai Moda collections offers sustainable, ready to wear Women and Men selections that are comfortable, perfect to fit and versatile to your personal style. Dai Moda looks to provide today’s modern men and women with high quality core basics and fashion forward pieces to mix and match and transition from day to evening. The main goal of the brand is to put less stress on the earth while providing another version of fashion that’s more about spectacle, more about moving the needle in terms of silhouette, proportion, fabrication and making real clothes for real bodies.
The presentation will also include a creative collective of future designers powered by the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) to showcase “earth friendly” designs in the “The Green Light Project” competition.
Tickets are available at The Greenlight Project Eventbrite and proceeds will be donated to Wellspring Living funding efforts against human trafficking. For more information on the collection, visit www.DaiModa.com. Join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter via @DaiModa.

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