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ANTM: Meet the Contestants of Cycle 24

America’s Next Top Model is returning in January 2018! There are 14 contestants that are competing for the title. Scroll down to get to know all the ladies of cycle 24.


Brenda Seiner 

Age:22  #TeamBrendik  Instagram: @BrendiK.Seiner

antm 3

Elizabeth Woodbury 

Age:24  #TeamLiz  Instagram: @iamlizharlan

antm 4

Ivana Thomas

Age: 23 #TeamIvana Instagram: @Ivanawest


Jeana Turner

Age:24  #TeamJeana  Instagram:@JeanaTurner



model 7

Shanice Carroll

Age:25  #TeamShanice  Instagram:@iamshanice

model 4

Rhiyan Carreker

Age:20  #TeamRhiyan  Instagram:@othatonegirl



model 3

Maggie Keating

Age:20  #TeamMaggie  Instagram:@maggiekeating


model 2

Liberty Netuschil

Age:20  #TeamLiberty  Instagram: @thelifeoflibs



Kyla Coleman

Age: 20   #TeamKyla   Instagram:@Kylasorad


Khrystyana Kazakova

Age:32   #TeamKhrystyana



Christina Mariaam 

Age:34  #TeamChristina  Instagram:@Christinamariaam


mm 23

Shantelle Fall 

Age:24   #TeamCoura  Instagram:@Coura_Sasha


mm 22

Sandra Shehab

Age:22  #TeamSandra  Instagram: @missshehab




Rio Summers

Age:23  #TeamRio  Instagram:@officialriosummers


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