Be Your Own Goals By: Dayana Preval

This year, be your own goals! Yes, I said it be your own goals, boo. Let’s talk about this, for real. We are in the age of social media, which means at any time of the day, all you have to do is click on an app and boom, you can see what the world is doing. In many ways, this is cool. It’s fantastic, we get to experience the world within minutes because of the growth of technology. On the other hand, we have men and women wishing that they were living someone else’s reality because of a minute video they saw of someone on Instagram or a picture of some stranger living it up.

Guess what? You can do it too. The same person you’re obsessing over, jealous of, whatever, has the same 24 hours as you. They are not superior to you because of a lifestyle they portray. You are not less than because you don’t have the same reality as someone else. It’s foolish so stop it. You don’t know what people capture to show us “perfection” on social media. You can’t tell the vibes of these people. You know nothing, but somehow you find yourself hating because of what? Likes? Material things? STOP IT.

You are capable of anything. One of my goals this year as a blogger is to stay in my lane and create content that is valuable to me. It’s easy to get caught up in the blogger world because it seems like everyone is doing it these days and everyone has it together. Well, good for them and I hope everyone continues to grow and thrive, but that has nothing to do with my greatness. My goals have nothing to do with the next blogger. I found myself feeling frustrated because I felt like no one was helping me and being perfectly honest, no one is entitled to help me. Instead, I took to the internet, the same things I found myself struggling with, I found an answer online. I had to tell myself if someone else can learn how to do xyz, I can learn too so I can help myself and others.

There were people that I admired and asked for help, but they choose to ignore me or give me half-ass answers. It was at that moment; I made a promise to myself that I would make an effort using the resources around me before seeking others who have “made it” or I led myself to believe that they are better than me. I learned that everyone is not for you and it can be for multiple reasons. 1) Others may not want to see you shine because they know your potential. 2) They think you’re trying to take their sunshine. 3) Hate. It’s that simple, not everyone is out practicing what they preach, so you better be out here becoming your own goals.


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