New Year, Better Me By: Dayana Preval

It’s easy to get caught up feeling like you have to be a new person because it’s the new year. I believe that this is false. I think that the new year gives us the chance to elevate from the year before. Those goals that we missed out on last year, the relationships we lost, the lessons we learned. The New Year gives us a new a chapter to revise our edits and create a better version of ourselves.


In doing so, I believe it’s important to take a deep breath and take a look in the mirror. Yes, I said it. Take a look in the mirror and figure out what needs to change within you. It can be your daily self-talk, the time you get up in the morning, or just adding some time on your schedule to workout. Whatever it may be, it starts with us. It’s time to create some new habits and slowly erase the old ones. Trust me, I know that it’s easier said than done, but if we don’t work on ourselves today? Right now? What will take care of us? Who will love us? How can you afford to love others?


It all starts with us and our mindset. A New Year means a better year for you, a better version of you. You deserve to have all your dreams come true. You deserve to stand tall and applaud yourself for all the work you put in. Give yourself that love, that push you deserve. Give the same passion that you give those that you love so dearly. Be your cheerleader. Oh and remember there is no race. This is your journey. Take those big goals and break them down into smaller realistic goals and watch progress take its toll.  You are you. Remember the beauty that you carry and the gifts that you’re meant to use and share with the world.


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