The Real Housewives of Atlanta Welcomes New Comer: Eva Marcille

Last night Eva Marcille made her return to reality tv by joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“Coming to Atlanta Housewives and being part of that world was a pretty organic move for me because I was relocating to Atlanta as my fiance was running for mayor. I’m kind of new to the city and I’m not as young a whippersnapper as I used to be, I’m a mom now. One of my good friends who lives in Atlanta and has lived here forever is NeNe Leakes. I remember letting her know that I was moving to the A and that I needed a navigator to help me figure out the city”, Eva told Essence.


She continued by saying, “I’ve been in the entertainment industry for quite sometime. So some of the women that are actually entertainers, I had the luxury of kind of knowing them. But it was really nice to get to know Kandi beyond just industry girlfriend. And to really meet her and get to know her as a woman, and as a mom and as a wife. I think she is just absolutely everything. She’s one of my favorite of all the girls. More so, because she’s just so down to earth.”

It looks like Eva is here to stay in the city of Atlanta due to her fiance’s legal and political work in the city. We’re sure Eva will be the next star to hold a peach! Fans can expect to see more of Eva throughout the season including her pregnancy announcement.



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