Putting Myself First By: Dayana Preval

2018 is the year of me! This year is about me and me only. It’s time that I start putting life and energy into myself that I’ve been giving away so freely after all these years. If you know me, I am a giver. I am Kim Possible, call me, beep me, if you want to reach me. I used to give all my time and energy to others, fueling them, but with time I was forced to change. I realized that the relationship with myself was suffering because In one way or another because I was fueling others, but leaving my gas tank on E.


As I get older, I see that I have to put myself first. There is no way around it. If you try to avoid a relationship with yourself, the universe will come at you multiple times and ways until you get it. In life, we cannot skip the self-love process. We can not move on to the next chapter until we know and understand self. The inner voice that you hear inside of you is not an illusion, it’s your spirit, your conscious, and it’s not going away.


As I am learning myself, I’m growing to appreciate my self-love time. I appreciate being alone more often because I can be at peace with myself. I’m learning new things about myself as I embark on this journey. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not flowers and unicorns the whole ride, but it’s MY RIDE, my life, and my journey.  In this new era of life, it’s so easy to shut down and close the door.  I am always changing, but it’s my job to embrace Dayana in each phase of life because come on, I’m like fine wine and I only get better with age lol. Seriously though, as we age, we change, and sometimes that’s a hard pill to swallow. Our environment is changing, or expectations are changing, and we change too, we adapt. It’s on us how we decide to navigate through each chapter in life and I knowing yourself and loving yourself helps along the way. Why? People will love you, hate you, abuse you, and keep it pushing. Then who are you stuck with? Yourself? Yes, that’s it. You are stuck with yourself like you always have been, so you might as well get comfortable in your skin. We’re only renting our bodies; we’re not here forever.


There is no remedy in which way to go about loving yourself; you have to find what works for you! I will say to absorb positivity in your life to help the process. To put yourself first, you must be aware and own that you are WORTHY of putting yourself first, above anyone else.


Some things that help me is to listen to some morning motivation on YouTube, a podcast, or a Shine Text. I also use the first thirty minutes to an hour of the day to center myself and focus on me. The days that I am committed and I follow my routine, my day turns out to be better, but on days that I skip these remedies, I can feel the difference in my spirit. Remember in to invest in you because you deserve it. Find what works for you and thrive! You deserve to be a butterfly.


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