Dreams Vs. Reality By: Sidra Khan

Everyone has a dream job that they wish to do no matter what. They also want to go to college to earn a degree in order to get their dream job. No matter how the person wants to work towards their dream job, it is a fight for everyone. There are many people who go to college and work part time at a place to get experience that will be beneficial for the job that they apply for. Working towards your dream and doing what you can to accomplish that may seem difficult but it is not impossible.

There are many people who want to become actors or musicians. Maybe they are taking private lessons from someone or they are going to acting school part time while also trying to balance college. Few celebrities that have gone on to become successful actors and completed college are Emma Watson, Claire Danes, and James Franco.

The number one tip to work towards your dream is to dream it and believe it. Everything begins in the heart and mind. If you dream something and believe that this is what you want, then it will happen. There will be obstacles in the journey to the finish line, but never stop dreaming and believing in yourself.

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Nothing comes easy. Everyone has to struggle in a way to get what they want. In order to achieve the dream, you have to work for it and find a way to motivate yourself to never give up. I live by this motive. There are times when I feel like quitting even when I am almost at the finish line, then I remember all the times when I have read motivational speeches and quotes, and those really push me to work harder. I work towards my goals and dreams and I forget everything else until I have achieved that goal. I find ways to change my life for the better, and if your dream is what’s better for you then go for it.

People need to have motivators and they need to believe in their hearts that they will work towards their goal in order to achieve their dreams and work towards them. Nothing is impossible unless you try.



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