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Fenty’s ‘Mattemoiselle’ Launch at Sephora with Raven Elyse By:Kashia Wells

Sephora at JCPenny treated their customers by having a meet and greet with beauty influencer, Raven Elyse, for their in store launch of Fenty Beauty’s ‘Mattemoiselle.’ This colorful line of lipsticks includes 14 unique colors ensuring that there is a perfect shade for every person. Upon arriving at the event, fans were checked in and treated to a Sephora bag and gift card. Raven, along with the team at Sephora, held 30 minute demonstrations where they showcased many of Fenty’s products and taught the audience proper application techniques. After the demonstrations, Raven took pictures with the girls and everyone was encouraged to try out the different products.


Sephora had all of the Fenty foundation colors in stock along with all of their other products. Anyone who has been following the Fenty brand since its initial launch last September knows that getting ahold of their Pro’Filter foundation is practically impossible. The foundation is such a hit that is has constantly been out of stock since its entrance to the public. Due to its fabulous soft-matte finish and the fact that the first release included 40 shades, Fenty’s first foundation set the standard high for what is expected of the brand. It seems that they have not taken those expectations lightly because every new release makes us fall in love with both Rihanna and her brand even more!

Move over “Trophy Wife,” Fenty has a new showstopper on the shelf. The ‘Mattemoiselle’ collection gives the same over the top, edgy vibe that we have come to expect from the brand. From shocking blues and soft pinks to a bold red and deep brown, this line caters to women of all demographics. While we have come to expect concepts and quality that is nothing short of amazing from the brand, it is always fun to see what they have up their sleeve nonetheless! I am happy to say that they have created yet another group of amazing products. Kudos to you, Fenty!

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