Iggy Azalea Has New Music On The Way

A new year means new music. Iggy is set to release her new single “Savior” from her upcoming 3rd studio album “Surviving the Summer”. The single was recently featured on a Monster headphones commercial during Super Bowl 52. Savior is little different than her previous music.

iggy azaliea

Click here to listen to Iggy’s new single

“It’s more personal than I think my fans would be used to hearing from me. This is still something you can have fun to, but I wrote it in a real heavy period in my life, where I had a lot of changes overnight. I had a big breakup. My career wasn’t going well. I found my time in a space where everything I was used to had abruptly stopped. I didn’t know how to get my life back together”, stated Iggy in an iHeart radio interview.

“You can expect more honesty from me and my records. I still have fun ups and downs and stuff, but the whole point of the record, as a whole, is the turbulence you go through in Summer, when you’ve just experienced a big breakup. It’s a lot of highs and a lot of burnouts. My record is that juxtaposition. ‘Savior’ sets the scene. This is day one. This is where I was at. Then moving along from there, this is what happened to me and what I went through”.




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