Watch The Throne: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Invite the Public to the Royal Wedding

The Royal wedding updates keep getting better and better. Earlier last week Mel B announced on ‘The Real’ talk show that all five Spice Girls will be attending the wedding nuptials.

Now Kensington Palace has released a series of tweets about the public being invited to the big day.

“Prince Harry and Ms.Meghan Markle will invite 2,640 members of the public to Windsor Castle on their wedding day to watch the arrivals of the Bride and Groom and their guests and the carriage procession as it departs from the castle. The couple has asked that 1,200 people from all corners of the UK be selected by Lord Lieutenants, include young people who have shown strong leadership and those who have served their communities. Also invited into the castle grounds are 200 people from charities and organizations close to Prince Harry and Ms. Markle, including those which Prince Harry serves as Patron. Other guests will include 100 pupils from two local schools, 610 Windsor Castle community members and 530 members of the Royal Household and the Crown Estate”, stated a Royal representative.

IMG_1028 (1)IMG_1029 (1)IMG_1030

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