Beyonce Wore Custom Balmain During her Coachella Set

Queen Beyonce changed five times during her two hour performance at Coachella and each outfit was customly made by Balmain.


Beyonce opened the show with a Nefertiti inspired bodysuit, cape, and headpiece all covered in diamonds and jewels. The custom cape also featured a picture of Beyonce with her name also detailed with jewels.


She then wore a silk yellow hoodie (which was inspired by her lemonade album) denim distressed shorts, and sparkly fringed boots by Christian Louboutin.


Bey then changed into a black bodysuit with a matching jacket and thigh high boots.


She then switched her attire with a mesh jersey with her Bey University Crest on the front for her performance with Jay-Z.


Bey then united with her former Destiny child members in matching bedazzled camo outfits.

Festival attendees can also wear the “Bey University” themed clothing! Mrs. Carter has custom merchandise pieces in the Coachella gift shop.


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