Rihanna Is Gearing up to Release a Double Album

Rihanna is back in the studio. Soures say she is ready to drop a double album later this year.

According to Hollywood Life : “Rihanna is taking her time with her upcoming album; she’s been in the studio laying down tracks for months. She has a huge vision; she wants to do a double album. It’s going to be her most ambitious one yet. This is a huge undertaking, and she’s been super secretive because it’s important to her that her vision stays totally under wraps.”tumblr_pdl4wpWted1ro1dyeo2_500

“She’s been recording in the Caribbean. That’s been a big inspiration for her; she wants this album to reflect her roots. Rihanna has been inspired by all the new music out from Drake, to Travis, Cardi, Nicki, Ariana and even Kanye. Rih loves it all. But she wants her album to be different and better than anything else out there. She is a perfectionist and really taking her time with the new tracks. She has her eyes set on the top of the charts and is determined to deliver for her fans.”


Fans have seen pictures of Rihanna and Childish Gambino lately filming in Havana, Cuba for a collaboration called “Guava Island”. This could be one of many videos for the album or for a film. Only time will tell.



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