Tamar Wins It All! By: Alexis Hollins

After a long, tough season of Big Brother Celebrity Edition, Tamar Braxton becomes the first black person to win the competition! Season two wrapped up on Wednesday where Braxton was up against Kandi Burruss, Dina Lohan, Lolo James, and Ricky Williams. Not only has Braxton become the first African American challenger, she has also lifted the “First to Enter” curse, which states that the first person in the house will never win. In her interview with Entertainment Tonight Braxton states that “”It’s a blessing on top of a blessing, and it means that my friendships in the house are really real,”.During the finale, with the winning of Head Household, Ricky Williams voted against Burruss and Lohan. Burruss was the first to go and Williams then selected Braxton to sit alongside him, eliminating Lohan and James from the competition. With only two competitors left, Williams, 41, and Braxton, 41, were to appear in front of judges to make their pleas. Gaining majority vote with 9-0 against Williams, Braxton was able to claim her victory! Some say that it was her emotional plea that earned her the unanimous vote.

“I am a huge fan of this show. I played the game to the best of my ability,” she said, before getting more personal. “I lost my job publicly in front of everybody. I lost my husband. . . And I almost lost my life.”The singer won, $250,000 while the runner up Ricky Williams received the runner up prize of $50,000.

Unfortunately, Braxton has not been able to fully enjoy her victory as Lindsey Lohan, daughter of Dina Lohan, tweeted; “Congrats. God bless you. But you are not any friend of women. You’re deceptive and conniving and so is this #RR. Sources are still unclear on whether or not the tweet came directly from Lohan or a member of her social media team

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