The Reveal of a Lifetime By: Alexis Hollins

Shortly after releasing his album, Father of 4, rapper Offset had a listening party where he revealed all four of his children to the world including the long awaited, baby Kulture! We were shown a documentary specifically dedicated to Offset’s children, who influenced the idea of the entire project. The most talked about shot from the event, was the album cover. Offset is surrounded by his three eldest children, Jordan, Kody and Kalea, while Kulture sat on his lap, atop a throne.

However, Offset wasn’t the only one who wanted to show off their beautiful daughter, rapper and wife Cardi B, posted a video shortly after the album dropped. Cardi captioned the video; “This is one my favorite songs from my daddy the other ones you’ll hear it tonight !!” while Kulture is laughing and showing off her adorable dimples! This was only our second glimpse of baby KK since December 2018, when Cardi shared her photo via Instagram.

Upon the birth of young Kulture, parents Cardi B and Offset were reluctant to show her off. Cardi did not want the world to judge or begin to make offensive comments against their baby. Kulture is now 7 months with a birthday quickly approaching (July 7, 2019).

Many people were unaware of the real reason behind not revealing the baby, they thought it was just to protect Kulture. To our surprise Cardi and Offset decided to make her reveal, a big one, with putting her on the album cover. I guess it’s safe to say we will be seeing a little bit more of Kulture from now on!

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