Michelle Obama Brings her ‘Becoming’ Book Tour to Atlanta

Former First lady, Michelle Obama, brought her ‘Becoming’ memoir book tour to Atlanta during mother’s day weekend. Thousands of women and book lovers flocked to State Farm Arena to be inspired and enlightened.

Michelle Obama released her best selling memoir In November of last year and quickly announced that she would be traveling from city to city for her book tour. Atlanta didn’t make the cut the first time, but with the success of the first part of the tour she quickly added the Atlanta to the list.

Journalist Gayle King, accompanied the former first lady in a 90 minute intimate discussion. The two discussed what it was like raising children in the White House, her political opinion of the Democratic party running for office, and her upbringing in Chicago.

She left the audience with a piece of inspirational advice after discussing her hardships by stating, “I’ve been at every powerful table there is in the world. And I am coming down from the mountaintop to tell every young person that is poor, and working class, and that was told, regardless of the color of your skin, that you don’t belong:Don’t listen to them. They don’t even know how they got in those seats.”

Take a listen at Michelle Obama’s and Gayle King’s intimate conversation.

Michelle Obama concluded her book tour the following days in Nashville, Tennessee.

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