Ayesha Curry is taking Harvard Business Courses

Aside from being a chef, author, a wife, and a mom; Ayesha Curry is also a boss. She is the latest celebrity to announce that she is attending Harvard Business school.

“I haven’t talked about this publicly, but I’m taking this Harvard Business School online course thing right now. And I have stuck with this so I’m really, I’m really proud of myself”, Ayesha said on Girl boss radio.

“But one of the things that I just learned in the class is like, it’s the way you delegate is very important as a leader and to be inclusive and open and not to create consensus bias in your work space. It’s something that I’m looking forward [to] implementing into my own business because I know sometimes I get really passionate about an idea and I tend to advocate and I’m learning now that it’s not necessarily good to be an advocator and so I’m, I’m just really excited to kind of like refocus and not advocate so much that people can give me their opinions.”

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