Flashback To Kulture’s First Birthday Party

It’s been a month since Cardi B and Offset’s daughter turned one and had the most lavish birthday in the history of one year olds. Cardi B and Offset’s daughter, Kulture, first birthday bash was everything we thought it would be and more! The party was held in NYC and the theme was “Onederful Birthday” and featured characters from her Kulture’s favorite show “Word Party”. There were lots of things  for Kulture’s guests to enjoy including a Build-A-Bear Workshop and a carousel. 

The dessert table also featured colorful cupcakes, candies, and candy apples.

Cardi and Kulture also wore multi colored matching outfits exclusively designed by Jeremy Scott. Several family members including Cardi’s father, mother, and sister attended. All of Kulture’s siblings also attended.

After the party Cardi admitted how stressed she was planning Kulture’s first birthday party. When asked why she and her hubby spent so much on their daughter’s birthday, she admitted that she only went all out for her first birthday. Next year’s festivities will be less extravagant.

Since Kulture’s birthday bash, Cardi has posted her running around, climbing the stairs, and even riding around in a toy Rolls Royce. Kulture is a bundle of energy and Cardi admits that her personality is more like hers every day.

In a recent interview Cardi stated, “It’s crazy how God not only gives you a kid that looks like you but with the same energy and personality.My baby is naturally hype, slick, and funny. And okay yeah a little attitude too but I’m putting that part on her dad.

It may not be long until Kulture has a new play mate in the Cephus household. Cardi admitted that she and Offset want more children but her schedule won’t allow it just yet. “I want a second child, but I just [have so many] things to do first. It’s like I want to learn more, you know? It’s not that easy to have a child, so you just want to learn more and more and the process and wait ’til they get a little bigger.”

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