Coca-Cola: More Than A Beverage

Coca-Cola is a well known Cola brand that has been around since the 1800s. The bottled beverage is now available world wide from Canada to California, but originally it was invented by a pharmacist by the name of John Pemberton in Atlanta, Ga. Many now drink Coca- Cola at back yard barbecues and for parties, but don’t know that the soda was intended to be for medicinal purposes and contained Cocaine, Kola nut, and Damiana. It contained anti-anxiety properties and was also said to have aphrodisiac qualities.

Image: Getty Images/ via

Today everyone’s favorite cola doesn’t contain its original illegal ingredient of cocaine. However, it can still be used to relieve systems of the common cold such as congestion. Boiling a can of Coca- Cola and drinking it while hot can clear up and relieve congestion. This life hack is believed to be an ancient Chinease remedy.

Image:Getty Images/ Robyn Lee

“Like my father, I have the sinus problems, which run in my family. The upshot is that I have very frequent sinus headaches. I have found that Coca-Cola helps not Pepsi or Sprite, or any other soft drink I’ve ever tried but Coke specifically. it causes me to have a huge sneezing fit which relieves the pressure”, stated Moshe Callen

The next time you’re feeling a little stuffy, instead of grabbing the Tylenol grab a can of Coca-Cola.

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